NRA Culinary Exam Forms and Help Documents

NRA Culinary Exam Forms and Help Documents

The information on this page will assist you with becoming an NRA Culinary Instructor and administering NRA Culinary exams.  Below you'll find an assortment of documents, including the NRA Culinary Exam Handbook, exam administration protocols and a variety of help documents.  We've provided these resources to help you succeed in your role as an NRA Culinary Instructor.  We appreciate your support of the program!


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Exam Handbook

Guides you through the administration of the NRA Culinary Examination and your roles and responsibilities as an NRA Culinary Instructor
NRA Culinary Exam Handbook

Steps to follow for exam administration

Provides detailed steps on how to successfully administer Print and Online
NRA Culinary Exams
Steps for Administering a Print-based NRA Culinary Exam
Steps for Administering an Online Culinary Exam

How to guides

Forms that will guide you on how to accomplish various tasks as it relates to the NRA Culinary Program and Exam Administration
How to Become an NRA Culinary Instructor
How to Request an Exam be Regraded or Reviewed
How to Resolve Tech Issues During Online Culinary Exam
How to Return NRA Culinary Exam Materials for Grading
How to Schedule an Online NRA Culinary Exam
How to Schedule a Print-based NRA Culinary Exam
How to Submit an Irregularity Report for an Online NRA Culinary Exam
How to Submit an Exam Accommodation Request
How to View NRA Culinary Exam Results


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